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Exploring 21st Century Geography DVD

Exploring 21st Century Geography DVDAn outstanding collection of teaching resources including spatial technologies/GIS units. The DVD contains:

  • articles and resources on 21st century Geography
  • GIS skills development, GIS in Physical Geography and Historical GIS books – course processes and activities with geographical data
  • 21st Century Internet sites
  • technology in the geography classroom articles, internet sites and resources
  • inquiry project design and work samples.

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Australia's engagement with Asia: IndonesiaAustralia's engagement with Asia: Indonesia

Case studies in water, food, urbanisation and human wellbeing

Australia's engagement with Asia: Indonesia is an engaging and easy-to-use teaching resource that supports the Australian Curriculum: Geography. It includes six DVD chapters with related texts and worksheets developed by World Vision and the Australian Geography Teachers Association.

It directly addresses two cross-curriculum perspectives: Sustainability and Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia.

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Keys to Geography 2nd editionKeys to Geography

The junior skills book and CD ROM

Packed with updated facts and figures on maps, graphs, diagrams, statistics and photographs, and includes a significantly revised technology chapter that covers Google technologies and geographic information systems. The package contains student-friendly explanations, descriptions and worked examples with skills being introduced sequentially.

The text is supported by multimedia applications and detailed activities that directly link to the content. It is a must for every Australian geography classroom.

ISBN: 9780732990169
RRP: $48.99

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Keys to FieldworkKeys to Fieldwork

Written by some of Australia’s leading Geography teachers, the manual provides comprehensive explanations of selected fieldwork activities and the geographical skills and tools needed to undertake them.

The student-friendly method of step-by-step explanations and descriptions of fieldwork activities and techniques extend students' geographic skills beyond the classroom. A wealth of current Australian fieldwork examples are provided that can be applied in various spatial contexts. The text also includes a wide range of stimulus material – maps, diagrams, graphs and photographs.

ISBN: 9781420224733
RRP: $47.99

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Teaching Primary Geography for Australian SchoolsTeaching Primary Geography for Australian Schools

Teaching Primary Geography for Australian Schools helps to develop your knowledge and understanding of Early Years and Primary geography and of their teaching. It discusses the nature of geography and geographical knowledge and understanding, and links this with everyday life, in particular, with children’s environmental and geographical experiences, a thread running throughout the book. Key aspects of Early Years and Primary geography are covered, including the core ideas in the subject, and understanding places and environmental sustainability. It considers inquiry approaches to teaching and learning geography, learning outside the classroom through fieldwork, the geographical skills children need, such as map work and visual skills, world knowledge and global issues, citizenship and cross-curricular approaches. Aspects of planning geography teaching and learning and assessment are discussed, as are ways in which you can investigate and reflect on your geography teaching and children’s learning in your classroom.

The purpose of Teaching Primary Geography in Australian Schools is to encourage and develop well-grounded geographical knowledge and understanding for all children through high-quality planning, teaching and learning in and of geography.

ISBN: 9781743306758
RRP: 35.95

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